Know your options and be aware of unnecessary orthodontic treatment!

I’d like to talk a little about early treatment in orthodontics. By early treatment (or Phase 1 treatment), I mean treating children before all of the permanent teeth have erupted. In Phase 1, a problem is corrected and then treatment is temporarily suspended. In almost all cases, braces are then put back on later, once all of the adult teeth are in (hence, Phase 2) to bring the patient to a final result. It seems I see more and more 8-10 year-old kids walking around with braces on, and this trend is quite disturbing. Valid, non-biased orthodontic research shows that early treatment is beneficial in only a small, select amount of cases. Most children can wait until all of their adult teeth are in, and this means less time in braces and less overall expense to the family. If you think your child might need early treatment, contact us for a free exam and consultation and I will educate you on your options. Remember, education is paramount!

– Dr. T


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